How to Style: Pink Honeydukes Skirt

I've had a few owls fly arrive with letters asking how to style with our new line of skirts. I'm happy to bring you a series of blogs about each skirt and how customers, friends, and myself have chosen to style along with some other options! 

History of a Skirt

Honeydukes was the first skirt I designed/made. I took inspiration from the traditional candy wrappers. Instead of doing the bold intensity in the colors, I made them softer and more pastel. Keeping true to the green accents into the wasitband, trim and "pocket." The little chocolate frog was a cute last minute addition that completed the whole outfit. Along with the "Honeydukes" logo as the "belt buckle" on the band. 

Image courtesy @harrypotterjunkiemegan

Photo courtesy @misswizardingworld

Look #1: Neutrals

You can't go wrong with a basic black or white t-shirt or tank top. Corina, paired hers with a black tank, black shawl and her go to black combat boots. The black I like to help bring out the colors and make it all pop! Of course the perfect accessory, your wand!

Photo of @magically.potteresque

Look #2: Pastel with Pastel

Chelsey had the cutest ensemble keeping with the pastel vibes of the skirt. She even blogged about where she got all her pieces! With any pastel really you can keep it fun and whimsical which Chelsey embodied into this shoot! The balloons, glasses, colors and even the WALL! 

This is one example that your colors don't have to match exactly! A soft peach, pink, purple even light blue would work well with this skirt. You just have to be confident in what you chose and ROCK IT!

Photo of @fandomfashionista

Look #3: Go BOLD!

Go bold or go home! Megan chose a deep royal purple and I love the intensity of it.

Photo of @misswizardingworld and @livelifefullofmagic

Why does it work? Let's take a look at the color wheel. The opposite of green is purple and luckily purple is a complimentary color to pink as well, so badda bing badda boom, you got yourself a magically bold outfit to wander Hogsmeade in!

Look #4: The Dress

I've made a wonderful option for those who don't want to try to match a top or who just prefer dresses instead (I'll admit, I'm both of these sometimes!) Chrisitna requested it in dress form and such a great option for everyone to have! This is a tank top dress so accessorizing with a cute jacket can complete the look as well. I love how Christina went the extra step with her cotton candy wig! She grabbed a cute chocolate frog pin to place on the jacket and her love potion necklace just tie the whole look together! And we see a cameo of another pair of black combat boots! They seem to be a new staple! 

Photo of @hufflepuffchristina of @theenchantmentbox

Other Pairings:

To go along with the sweetness of Honeydukes, check out our Butterbeer & Magic Shirt  It comes in 3 neutral colors for you to choose from! 


Do you have any other pairings you like? What are your go tos? I'd love to hear from you! Post your photo and tag us #endeeringboutique #MadamSamStylingTips #endeeringstyle 


Madam Sam Styling for All! 

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