How to Style: Mint Honeydukes Skirt

Our most popular skirt! An even more pastel tone, creating a soft whimsical look!

History of a Skirt

Like the pink Honeydukes, I decided to make an alternative color palette on a whim to give options, especially if the brighter pink was not certain witches taste. Pulling from the look of one of the Honeydukes book and actually from the Hot Topic line that came out a while ago. I kept all the pieces of the other skirt just changed the colors. Turns out witches love this version as do I! It has become our top seller of the skirts!

Look #1: BodySuit

A classic bodysuit is perfect for these high waisted skirts to create that smooth look. I personally have a hard time finding the right bodysuit, I mainly use and tend to stay there. I need to branch out. But, let's look at Stephanie's! A peachy mauve top with the cutest little frills around the top just match all too perfectly! Creates this constant flowing look! 

Just like in my previous blog, pastels with pastels are going to be a real winner here!

Photo of @themagicalblonde

Look #2: The Printed Shirt

Sabrina found this cute and funny shirt from Attractioneering the soft pink is the perfect match! Can we take note though of the ADORABLE shoes and socks she paired?! Mint peep toed heels and lace frill socks! 

Photo of @marvelous.mrs.hufflepuffLook #2: The Printed Shirt

Look #3: The Printed Shirt Part 2

If there could've been a more magical conjuring of a shirt... it'd be Seeker & Slade's Trolley Shirt. From the mint color of the tee, to the pink and white writing... it's like they made it for this skirt! She's even sporting a matching mint bow that Sabrina made her!

Photo of @themagicalblonde

Look #4: Pastel

If you read my previous blog post about the pink Honeydukes skirt, you know that purple compliments pink and green. With the mint having tones of green, lilac will match the skirt! Soft pink will also be a good pastel to match. 

Remember a neutral color like white or taupe will pair well too!

Photo of @misswizardingworld

Look #5: The DRESS

This dress got incredible feedback when Megan wore it in the park. A Team Member asked if she was Miss Honeydukes. Now, we've had a lot of questions about sizing and fit. She is 5'10 and wearing a small. It fits perfectly and is long enough! So for those non vertically challenged, you are covered, pun intended! 

Megan's headband is from A Fairy Tale Wish and she said its the most comfortable and secure she's owned! 

Photo of @misswizardingworld 


I hope you found this helpful and inspiring for your next trip and your outfits!

Do you have any other pairings you like? What are your go tos? I'd love to hear from you! Post your photo and tag us #endeeringboutique #MadamSamStylingTips #endeeringstyle 


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